For Kids!

For Adults!

For Toenails!


  • Durable

    Our false, gel nail tips are flexible yet very sturdy. You can expect your custom press on nails to last between 2-4 weeks when applied correctly.

  • Reusable

    When properly removed and maintained, custom press ons are reusable nails that can last all year; as long as there is minimal damage.

  • Nail Art Designs

    Our custom press on sets feature hand painted nail art designs created by a nail professional with high quality products. We aim to give you that salon-finished look without the salon wait!

  • Diverse

    Custom stick on nails for kids, adults, toe nails, and missing toenails. Choose from a variety of different shapes(Round, Almond, Stilettos' etc.), lengths(X Short- X Long) & nail art designs.

  • Package Deal

    Each custom press on set comes with 20-22 nails(Ranging from sizes 0-9 or 0-10). You'll receive two of each size, a nail prep kit, instructions, and glue. *(Children sets include stick on adhesives, not glue).

Custom Press On Nail Sizing Kits

Not sure of what nail shape will fit you? Or Would you like nails that specifically fit your fingers?

Collab With Us

Do you have a specific nail design or nail fit you want? Schedule a short consultation & Collaborate directly with the nail artist?