Most frequent questions and answers

"I feel like my nails are different; How do I know the press ons will fit me?"

We offer sizing kits if you are unsure about our press on nails fitting you properly. This gives you a chance to test the nails before you purchase a set. Order your sizing kit now!:)… Sizing Kits

"Do I need to know my nail size to buy press on nails?"

Nail sizes differ from person to person. No worries though, the industry has created universal sizes in order to cater to most nails. Our nail sets will fit most because we include two of each universal press on nail size. Check out our sizing kit page for more info… Sizing Kits

"What do I need to apply my nails & make them stay on?"

Each of our custom press on nail sets come with everything to achieve a salon-finished look. You will get a cuticle pusher, nail file, alcohol pad, & a nail buff. You will also get high quality glue or adhesives to help the nails stick and stay on.

"How do I apply/ remove my press on nails?"

Each set comes with 20-22 press on nails (sizes 0-9 or 0-10). The process is very simple and can take less than 20 minutes. Follow the step by step instructions on our Apply & Remove Nails page.  

"What do you mean they are reusable?"

Our press on nails are gel-based which gives them the edge over other materials used in the industry. Gel is a material that is sturdy, holds a shape very well, but also has extreme flexibility. This means you certainly can reuse your nails if you avoid activities that damage your nails while they are on. Just follow the removal steps correctly and you’ll be ready for weeks of nail wear. Apply & Remove Nails

"How long do the press on nails last?"

Since our nails are gel-based, they are meant to be more flexible, durable, and long-lasting than your average press on nail. When instructions from our Apply & Remove Nails page are followed correctly, you can expect to wear your sets for 2-4 weeks with minimal lifting.

"Can you ship to me?"

We ship using the USPS. Most domestic deliveries are received within 1-5 days. For international orders, shipping times may vary. Check out our shipping policy for more info Shipping Policy

"How much does shipping cost?"

We ship using the USPS which has a variety of different shipping methods & cost. Be sure to enter your correct address on the Cart page before checkout to calculate the best shipping rates. Cart. Also check out our shipping policy for more info Shipping Policy

"How can I return my order?"

Due to customer health protection and hygiene reasons Our Goods are not suitable to be returned. Review our return and refund policy before making your purchase please:) Return and Refund Policy

"I have sensitive skin, is your cuticle oil safe for me?"

*If you are allergic to any ingredients/scents listed for our cuticle oils please refrain from purchasing, and check with your healthcare provider first!* Disclaimers

Our cuticle oils are jojoba oil/vitamin-E oil based, cruelty & Gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and USDA organic. This makes them safe for even the most sensitive of skin types. 

"What Is The Difference Between Pre Ordered & Premade Nail Sets?"

When you pre order our press on nails you are purchasing a recreation of the original nail art images you see. All Pre Ordered purchases guarantee your custom press on nails will be shipped within 1 to 4 weeks. We greatly appreciate your patience on the processing time for pre ordered sets:) The nail artist loves putting the appropriate time and passion into every nail set ordered!:)

Premade press on nails are completely finished sets that will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days. All Premade orders consist of the first and original nail art designs. Only one premade purchase can be made per nail set so order while it’s still in stock!:)

"Do my premade products ship out before my pre-ordered products?"

Each individual order will ALWAYS be shipped together and at one time. To avoid longer than usual receiving times on Premade Goods, YOU MUST SEPARATE ALL PREORDERED & PREMADE GOODS INTO TWO DIFFERENT ORDERS OR PURCHASES. Thank you for your support and understanding of Our policies.:)Shipping Policy