Established in 2021, N.U LLC is a female owned business dedicated to providing a salon-finished look without the salon visit. 

Custom Press On Nails

Meet your nail artist!

A Florida native, and proud latina; Stephanie a.k.a Nani[nah-nee], was born in Hialeah, FL but raised in Tampa, FL.

Her passion for nail art stems back to childhood days when her art skills helped release an active imagination. Those were the days when her art tools were just a bobby pin and wet N wild nail polish

…Fast-forward 14+ years to 2021, where stephanie has seriously upgraded her art tools, acquired her FL Nail Technician Professional License, and established a custom-press-on-nail line. 

“Hello loves,

I hope all of your orders reach you safely, and are to your liking. My goal with N.U is to share my art with the world but at the same time give all of my customers their dream nails. Satisfying nail art is hard to come by. I truly believe that my products will prevent nail enthusiast from experiencing nail damage, long waits, bad service, displeasing nail art, and frequent salon visits. I just really love what I do and I am really appreciative of the unwrapped community that we’ve built thus far. I’ve received so much encouragement from you all and hope to continue inspiring all active imaginators. Hope you can become a part of it<3!”


Gel-based nails

Our nails are stronger, healthier, & more flexible than your average press on nails.

Reusable Nails

Our nails are built to last. Follow our apply/remove instructions & your nails can last as long as you need them to.

Hand-Painted Nails

Our press on nails include custom, hand-painted, nail art designs, & are created with top quality products, guaranteeing a one of a kind look!

Convenient Nails

Our nails truly do provide an alternative to booking a nail salon appointment. Apply them in just 20 minutes or less from anywhere, and unwrap your inner dime!

Client Testimonials

“My mom is so obsessed with your business model. I showed her my nail set I got and might have to get her some of her own now!”
Unwrapped Customer
“I was at a party last night and complimented a girl who was wearing some of your press ons! They looked amazing .”
Unwrapped Customer
“OMG they look so beautiful. In Love!!!😍. They are perfect yay!!”
Unwrapped Customer

Become an Unwrapped Customer!

We offer a variety of beauty products such as cuticle oils, and custom press on nails. Our cuticle oils are jojoba oil based, cruelty & Gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and USDA organic. Our custom press on nails come in a variety of different shapes (Square, Coffin, Almond, Stiletto, Round), and sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). 

Simplify your nail routine with Nanicures Unwrapped!